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· Usually, culturally and liturgically talking, Santeria happens to be a religion that awards girls and upholds their unique benefits in community. ·

Usually, culturally and liturgically talking, Santeria happens to be a religion that awards girls and upholds their unique benefits in community.

Usually, culturally and liturgically talking, Santeria happens to be a religion that awards girls and upholds their unique benefits in community.

Probably the most vital and crucial numbers during the history of Santeria happen female.

Ladies formed just how all of our faith changed inside “” new world “”. People preserved the lore your faith by passing in the strategies of our ceremonies, all of our sacred music, as well as the lexicon of real information found in all of our divination programs. Clearly put, Santeria are a women’s faith.

The Yoruba had been constantly a matrilineal people. Women used great power within the purpose of her society and politics. Although the Yoruba people happened to be patriarchal in the same way that guys held the functions of leaders and chiefs, the ladies of this people went the family and orchestrated day to day life. The necessity of lady could even be observed in the effective women orishas which can be found in the pantheon of Santeria. Yemaya will be the mama of all of the residing items, who owns all waters and is king of eden as well as the earth. Oshun, the woman young sister may be the orisha for the lake, the essence of femininity, sensuality, beauty and is also a robust witch and seductress. Oya is a fierce women warrior orisha who rides the whirlwind, wields a machete, tosses super and battles by Shango’s side as his equal. Obba could be the king orisha whom originated in to the underworld and altered by herself from a rejected outcast, to a strong sorceress wielding the influence of life-and-death. Whilst not an orisha, Iku – the force of passing – is often depicted as female within patakis (legends). Even Olodumare – the originator deity – is actually gender-neutral bending female inside her role as inventor of the universe. Women can be considered to be strong and crucial in the centre of Santeria’s religious exercise.

Important Ladies In Santeria

Many women bring starred vital roles inside reputation for Santeria. These are many a lot more distinguished lady – lots of whom are located when you look at the moyuba prayer that all initiates recite within our spiritual rehearse. Know as soon as you phone upon the labels of those mighty ancestors, you might be phoning upon the ache of females additionally the vital efforts they made in Santeria.

Oba Tero (Ma Monserrate Gonzalez), a Yoruban servant from the city of Egbado and priestess of Shango, was delivered to Havana, Cuba in escort girls in Las Cruces 1840’s and made the girl way to Matanzas after a conflict with Efunche Warikondo and Latuan (who dominated Santeria exercise in Havana). She got probably the most influential creators of Santeria in Matanzas. She carried the “asiento” preferences initiation and her special Egbado-centric techniques to Matanzas, establishing the difference between Matanzas lineages and Havana lineages. She is a prominent oriate within our faith.

Ferminita Gomez “Ocha Bi” – preserver associated with the Olokun practice in Santeria

Her goddaughter, Ocha Bi (Ferminita Gomez) a priestess of Yemaya is crucial in saving the Lukumi tradition of Olokun worship and most santeros who have got Olokun have received their unique orisha from the woman lineage of descendants. It was especially important because she wrestled the power over Olokun’s secrets from the Babalawos, saving an Ocha-centric lineage of their mysteries.

Efunche Warikondo (Rosalia Abreu) a strong priestess and mind from the Cabildo San Jose 80 (a mutual aid society for slaves) is perhaps one of the most important figures in establishing the asiento style of kariocha (crowning as a priest) in Santeria. The slaves of Havana worked along purchasing her liberty from bondage. She said to be of royal Yoruban blood. She together with Ayaji Latuan (Timotea Albear – a powerful and prominent oriate) at some point controlled the complete faith of Santeria’s rehearse inside the town of Havana, Cuba. No body could operate in the town without her approval. Those two women worked collectively to standardize and set up the Oyo-centric “asiento” model of kariocha in Santeria. This form of initiation, in which the new priest gets multiple orishas besides their tutelary orisha, is among the most regular exercise for those of you are initiated inside priesthood for 95per cent of Olorishas. There is a minor version which comes from Matanzas as established by Oba Tero (mentioned before) – but that ceremony is an “asiento” form of initiation.

Aurora Lamar – president regarding the Atare lineage

Aurora Lamar (goddaughter of Efunche and a priestess of Aggayu) got the president for the Atare Lineage (Pimienta Lineage) of Santeria named after the Atare local of Havana, Cuba by which she lived. She had hundreds and/or 1000s of godchildren that she initiated, and was known for starting group and permitting them to shell out in installments. This led to this lady nickname of “La Asia del ten-cent” (The Chinese-looking lady regarding the ten-cent shop) because you could shell out in ten-cent installments for your initiation.

Lady happened to be oriates as they are however able to be oriates in Santeria. Girls comprise great godmothers initiating countless someone. Female divined with diloggun and offered orishas to individuals. People really consolidated Santeria’s methods through the fragments of numerous tribal spiritual practices into one cohesive religion.

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