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· The Stupid Question: “Are You Wash?” I got a shower this morning ·

The Stupid Question: “Are You Wash?” I got a shower this morning

The Stupid Question: “Are You Wash?” I got a shower this morning

I got a shower today. I will be clean. I would work-out at the gymnasium after, or the garbage bag will split on route outside and I also will scoop up java reasons and put them back to the case. I will after that end up being dirty. I am going to shower once more. And that I would be clean.

Anybody who questions whether HIV stigma is rising need look no further than on line users and hookup internet sites, which “Are you sparkling?” try expected with infuriating consistency. Or maybe you may have experienced the indignity of someone requesting “The Stupid concern” while discussing a tryst. The absolute ignorance boggles your brain.

Implying that Im somehow “dirty” because i will be HIV excellent might not be the intention of the person inquiring the question. Probably these are typically sincerely wanting to measure the degree of risk they could be using. But it also signifies that they may raise their own degree of risk-taking should you address “Yes, Im clean.” To position one’s have confidence in this address, and base your intimate actions onto it, are the way in which men and women become contaminated with HIV.

The individual getting questioned might not have tried lately. Or has-been contaminated considering that the last test. Or is lying because they’re nervous, or embarrassed, or stressed, or don’t experience secure getting sincere considering ramifications about which you have no idea. As a result it’s fundamentally a reasonably worthless physical exercise.

Therefore, the lack of knowledge and danger of The Stupid Question. And, because it is requested relatively exclusively by individuals who feel themselves is HIV unfavorable, it creates an “Us vs. these” attitude. Good vs. unfavorable. Clean vs. Dirty.

“They don’t suggest any harm,” maybe you are considering. Really, phrase posses meaning, my friend. The ignorance plain inside Stupid Question causes it to be not less unpleasant. While the intent might be harmless, was really does carry out injury to people who have HIV by increasing stigma and creating another wedge between HIV negative and positive visitors. Like it or otherwise not, it really is an evaluation for the sexual viability of somebody, and by extension, their “worthiness” as a person getting.

Within my extra hedonistic time — which admittedly are not exactly long-ago in a galaxy much, a long way away — I was dumbstruck by discussions i’d have in homosexual community intercourse spots, even many anonymous types. “Are your clean?” would come the question because of the guy who was simply fully ready to engage in unprotected sex should my answer kindly your. “Really?” I would personally respond to, “What i’m saying is, will you be significant? You’re likely to make word of anybody in a dark place that you couldn’t select of a lineup?” I might subsequently explain, spoken often times through a three-inch hole into the wall structure, whenever this matter is their main conditions, he then really must leave this place and get directly to an HIV and STD evaluating heart. Post-haste.

Are we able to kindly pull this insulting, harmful and unsuccessful question from your lexicon?

There is certainly an alternative to The Stupid matter. You can simply promote their HIV status and discover if for example the companion does alike. If he will not or you don’t just like the response, it really is their to drop having sexual intercourse. It is not the directly to berate all of them because of their response. In any case, in case you are trying to continue to be unfavorable then gender with anybody you don’t learn well should merely incorporate low-risk strategies. In the event the partnership progresses, possible supply to get examined along and become present when it comes to test outcomes of one another. Which is the choice on the Stupid Question.

An interesting social strategy was developed by a fresh organization referred to as Stigma Project, which aims to lower stigma by phoning aside inquiries like “Are You Wash?” I enjoyed their goal “…to lowered the HIV problems rate by defeating the stigma that strengthens they.” If very little else, it has instigated a dialogue by handling many misconceptions and awkward believing that stigmatizes people who have HIV.

Environmental surroundings we created with issues along these lines you’ve got ramifications beyond mere personal awkwardness. It’s got bled into our criminal fairness system. Rules now regarding guides are increasingly being utilized against people who have HIV whom don’t disclose their unique condition to sex lovers – even though they involved with safe sex, used a condom, without indication took place. The prosecutions are now being carried out in a global for which revealing your status – admitting you’re “not clean” – grew to become progressively hard to do as a result of the really stigma produced by such things as The Stupid concern.

For more information on just how criminalization is now a Kafkaesque horror for many individuals, take a look at some new habits with the videos collection for brand-new business The SERO Project, the creation of activist Sean Strub that will be directly addressing HIV criminalization.

In the event that you actually want to feel heard while making a contribution to this dialogue, We strongly urge one to get minutes and respond to The SERO Project’s brand new review that gauges the thinking about whenever and whether people should reveal their HIV standing. Actually (as well as perhaps specifically) in the event the panorama work counter to mine, your input is actually more welcome and extremely important.

Finally, nationwide HIV evaluation Day was next week on Summer 27th. If you’re reading this after that time, be sure to replace it with any go out within the next period. Since the amusing benefit of HIV-negative test outcomes is that they have actually a very short shelf-life.

Last year we produced a short video, “In Praise of HIV damaging Gay guys,” because as an HIV good guy I feel a lot more of a permit to say facts easily, instance exactly what an achievement it really is for an intimately effective gay people to stay negative. Also it was intended along with sincerity (as with every my clips, getting my personal visitor to re-post). Alas, it is awfully tough to heap praise toward one section of the “viral divide” without offending others, and also the video clip had been received with extremely mixed evaluations. Some individuals believe my personal distribution is intentionally sarcastic. Or demeaning to people who had been positive.

While I acknowledge my personal theatrical speech might be misconstrued, i really do find it fascinating just how everyone propose their particular thinking onto whatever look at, particularly if you are looking at HIV position. Folks are touchy. You realize, like when they become asked The Stupid concern. At the very least, read the videos, clear your brain, bear in mind I’m actually a completely nice guy, and find out how the information strikes your.

“Are You wash?” meanwhile, is not a note with appreciate in every perspective. In fact, it’s completely filthy.

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