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· Puerto Rican Tv Program Apologizes for Gay Slur ·

Puerto Rican Tv Program Apologizes for Gay Slur

Puerto Rican Tv Program Apologizes for Gay Slur


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“Super Xclusivo” are a favorite TV gossip program in Puerto Rico. Lately while discussing on atmosphere Ricky Martin coming out as gay, the hosts associated with program (men and his awesome feminine puppet) also known as him a “pato” (a derogatory phase in Spanish for a gay guy akin to “queer”).

Even though some group outside and inside the LGBT neighborhood will believe “pato” was either maybe not truly derogatory or otherwise not since derogatory as “maricon” (which a lot of people would concur is the same as “faggot”), there had been people that have been offended.

An instant impulse had been mounted by LGBT Latinos and family, including GLAAD, regional nyc area politicians as well as the Latino payment on AIDS. Guy LGBT Latino blogger Andres Duque on their blog Blabbeando have everything.

The Latino fee on HELPS reports your television station has actually apologized and also the hosts regarding the show produced an on-air apology. Click for more details through the Latino payment on AIDS, such as hyperlinks towards emails of apology in order to videos of the on-air apology in Spanish.

A clear and direct connection to HIV/AIDS occurred in the aftermath for the gay slur airing. The human number of tv show insulted Pedro-Julio Serrano, a well-known Puerto Rican LGBT and HIV/AIDS suggest, for their criticisms by referencing Serrano’s HIV position and intimate orientation. (Blabbeando claims more details about any of it element, I’ll pass on facts).

a considerably evident but no less direct link with HIV/AIDS was fighting homophobia because defeating they lessens the possibility for HIV illness among LGBT men. Not everybody will get that, thus I commend the participation from the Latino Commission on helps with righting this completely wrong.

Guillermo Chacon, the chairman of this Latino Commission on AIDS, certainly will get it. I recently questioned your and listed here are excerpts related to this topic:

Do you know the problems experiencing Latinos in fighting the herpes virus?

You will find however a denial within neighborhood. it is an easy task to prevent tough problems, specifically problems that obstacle your own perception program or your own comfort and ease.

We need to get started with our very own people, dare the level of homophobia, discrimination or stigma we have against forums impacted [by HIV/AIDS]. After we recognize that, we could begin to just take particular measures.

Is it possible to speak about the event becoming a direct friend?

Men occasionally will state, “Oh, Guillermo is actually a nice gay man.” I go as a compliment. Then people will state, “he’s just about the most willing direct men for connecting with different men and women.”

Every thing has got to begin with your household and with your as a person. We don’t like when individuals make an effort to challenge people [without are] ready to dare on their own.

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